Get Inky With The Print Events In Newcastle

pexels-photo-69903.jpegWalk down the streets of Newcastle and you will feel the warmth and friendliness of the locals. Newcastle’s vibrant and friendly atmosphere sets it apart.

The city played a significant role during the Industrial Revolution diverting its economy to leading centres including shipbuilding, coal mining and manufacturing. Later on, service and retail sector became the staples of the city.

The Newcastle printer inks industry is a part of the digital trend. More so, it aims at providing the best platform for ink cartridge supplies in the Newcastle and the UK.

The Biscuit Factory

You will find the UK’s largest independent contemporary art, craft and design gallery situated in the centre of Newcastle’s cultural quarter. It is popularly known as the Biscuit Factory.

Print & Press – Carol Nunan

This spring, the Biscuit Factory is presenting a new printmaking exhibition Print & Press from Graphic designer turned printmaker Carol Nunan. The event is set to exhibit the original work of Carol Nunan alongside the artwork created by her printmaking students and guest tutors. You will get a chance to discover printmaking techniques ranging from collograph and woodcut, to linocut and monotypes.

Newcastle Printmaker Workshop – Exhibition of Members’ Prints

Newcastle Printmaker Workshop is celebrating the Winter Solstice and the migratory shorebirds travelling along the East Asian-Australian Flyway. This event is a part of the Overwintering Project operated by Kate Gorringe-Smith. The event is dedicated to artwork created by the members of the workshop and will be open from 23rd June 2018.

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What Causes The Printer Ink Cartridges To Dry?

Users have to face a number of problems while using printers. But the most common problem encountered by users is the printer cartridges drying out. Inkjet cartridges can be expensive. And if you encounter they are drying out frequently, it may force you into buying the consumables way too often leading to wastage of money. Not just money but a dried out ink cartridge may even ruin your prints. To avoid such situation it is important that you find out the causes that make the printer cartridges to dry out. So here is a list of the causes – learn them and prevent your bottom line from falling behind.

1. Infrequent use of printer cartridges

Ink in the ink cartridges is made up of a number of chemicals including humectants that decelerate premature drying. However, if the ink cartridges are used occasionally, the ink can dry up within a couple of months. The infrequent use of printer cartridges is the most common cause.

Hence, to avoid the ink from drying out, make sure you print regularly, at least once a week. Some printer professional recommend that even if the printer cartridge is used once in a month you can prevent it from clogging or drying out

2. Improper Storage

Another main cause behind the drying out of ink cartridges is improper storage. Lack of knowledge regarding how inkjet cartridges must be stored can lead to such problems. There are two crucial points that determine the healthy lifespan of a printer cartridge:

1. Position

When storing the ink cartridges, it is important they are placed upright. As this helps the ink to settle at the bottom of the cartridge, leaving breathable space that allows the ink to pass through the sponge (present at the top) smoothly. In case the printer cartridge is stored on its sides, it is possible that the ink may settle at the top of the cartridge which leads to blurry or streaky prints and dried-out ink.

2. Temperature

It is important to remember that the cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place that is well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight. You should avoid keeping them near a hot sunny window or inside a hot car. Furthermore, during the summers and winters if you are using heaters and air conditioning up too high, ensure this doesn’t affect your printer cartridges.

3. Refilled Printer Cartridges

Many people tend to use refilled ink cartridges instead of replacing them due to their low cost. But you should know that if the ink cartridges are not filled correctly, it can lead to air entering the cartridge, drying up the ink and clogging the nozzle heads.

4. Unclean Cartridge Heads

If the printheads on the ink cartridge are not properly cleaned it may lead to drying out of the cartridge and clogging of the printheads. This is one of the common causes of unclear prints.

5. Expiration

The expiration date is one the causes of cartridges getting clogged and drying out. So before you purchase the printer cartridges make sure to check the expiry dates.

Dealing with inkjet cartridges is no easy task. If you really want to save your money from getting wasted you need to be alert with the maintenance requirements of the cartridges.

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Tips To Store Ink Cartridges! When Not In Use


It might be possible that you have purchased new ink cartridges and it’s been a long time since u haven’t used them. In such a case, storing ink cartridges in proper condition can increase the life of ink.

If the cartridges are not stored properly, it may result in poor quality printouts and in such a situation, many people replace their ink cartridges with the new ones. This process might involve your money and time. If your printer is not being used regularly, you can still save your ink cartridges from drying up.

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How Can I Save Huge On My Cartridge Cost?


The common printer related complaints that we get is due to high cost of ink or toner cartridge used for printing purpose, particularly for those who print in high volume. Unless you don’t know how you can use your ink cartridge, dealing with printer ink will be an expensive asset to maintain. Also, It is equally necessary to select the right type of printer for printing so that you can enjoy the benefits for as long as possible.

Here are some tips discussed, to control the rate at which you use your ink.

  1. Know your requirements and print only what you need
  2. Proofread everything before printing
  3. Take care of your ink cartridges and toner cartridges
  4. Buy a printer with a low cost per page

Third-party inks may save your money
Many third-party companies like Printer Ink Cartridges offer compatible ink cartridges at a considerable cost that help you save money than considering the cartridges offered by the manufacturer. We offer consumables from top brands including one from Epson.

The quality of ink we offer matches with the quality and performance of OEM cartridges. Though many believe that compatible ink cartridges are difficult to handle and the result is not as good as OEM cartridges, you can get the best deal if you approach the right supplier.


Prints And Inks – The Innovation Of Art in London


‘Art is the heart of London’ – It just comes out intuitively when you look at the mind-boggling art galleries, exhibitions, musical events and the colourful nightlife. And, of course, the history of London is just incomplete without its art and culture.

Apart from being widely accepted as the cultural capital of the world, London leads the economic space with its service industries, financial services, and professional services. Technology is another significant work segment that keeps London in the centre of the global business and economy.

With this the introduction of digital printing technology in 21st century brings to you the much-needed consumables, toner cartridge and ink cartridge, London. The ink cartridge London online retail suppliers like the have for the Londoners an optimum solution to customise their printwork with enhanced reliability and performance.

The London printer ink labels enable you to tag your things in the most beautiful way, while the Epson ink cartridges in London allow you to produce your artwork with the most innovative custom colours, graphics and much more.

Whether it is about creating the artistic photographs or about producing a whole range of colourful documents, you can get everything under one roof with London printer inks.


What should I do if the printout is faint or has gaps?


If printouts are not proper, check that the Epson Stylus SX510W ink cartridges used are not expended or low on ink. Take the appropriate action and follow the steps below to resolve such issue:

  1. Ensure that the correct paper type is selected
  2. Make sure the printable side that is (the whiter or glossier side) of the paper is selected and is facing up in the right direction while feeding in the sheet feeder. Keep a check that you should always keep the printable side up for smooth printing.
  3. When you choose standard or best as the quality setting, select off as the bidirectional setting. Bidirectional printing might decreases print quality
  4. Clean the printhead if the nozzles are clogged. Follow proper cleaning instructions from the online user manual
  5. Use up the Epson Stylus SX510W ink cartridges within six months of the opening vacuum package.


What should I do if the printing speed is slower than expected?

Top Printers to BuySlow printing speed could serve as a major problem if you’re engaged in regular printing work. To resolve such issues follow few steps below:

    1. Make sure the paper type selected in the printer driver is appropriate for the type of paper loaded in the printer. It is always recommended to use good quality paper for printing purpose.
    2. For Windows, clear the customized settings and select the text as the quality option from your printer driver’s main window. For Mac OS X, clear all the customized settings and select the automatic as the mode and move the slider to speed in the print settings dialog box from your printer driver’s print dialog box. See the printer driver online help for more details.
    3. Close any unnecessary applications that are running.
    4. If you are printing continuously for an extended period of time, the paper may temporarily stop feeding or the Epson Stylus SX200 ink cartridge holder may pause for a while. This may slow down your printing speed and prevent the printer from overheating and being damaged.

If this situation happens, you can continue to print, but it is recommended to stop printing and leave the printer for about thirty minutes with the power on. The printer will not recover if the power is off. After this when you restart, the printer will print at normal speed.

  1. Check if the Epson Stylus SX200 ink cartridges need replacement. Sometimes slow printing or faded print results are because of using old or dried out ink cartridges. Check the Epson Stylus SX200 ink cartridges level time to time.
  2. Try uninstalling the printer driver, then reinstalling it again. Refer the online user manual for uninstalling the printer software

Trying all these methods stated above will resolve your problem of slow printing. If you’re still facing any problem, check online the instructions for increasing the print speed manually.